Welcome to the Park Avenue Prowl

Welcome to Charlevoix, a town with a fascinating history.  Take the Park Avenue Prowl, and visit some of that history, as well as some of the town’s most interesting attractions.  We continue to research the history of Park Avenue.  Check back frequently to read the latest tales of Charlevoix, or subscribe to our website.

Finally, we are interested in what you think about all of this.  Please feel free to comment.  Click the “No comments” or “4 comments” or whatever it is, below.  That will open a comment form.

Please remember that some of the houses on the Park Avenue Prowl are private residences. Respect the privacy and property of the owners — no trespassing, please!

This website is a service of the Charlevoix County History Preservation Society.  Check us out HERE.

Copyright 2011 by Charlevoix County History Preservation Society.  All rights reserved.


4 Comments on “Welcome to the Park Avenue Prowl”

  1. Jane Rodgers says:

    This is a great idea and I cannot wait to do this “prowl.” Where can I get an already printed guidebook?

    • trouble says:

      Hello, Jane. Thanks for visiting. We haven’t published the guidebook as a book yet, but we do have a trifold brochure. It doesn’t have all of the information we’ll eventually have in our book, but it will at least show you how to make your way around the Prowl, and point out some of the highlights. You can obtain one at any of the Park Avenue businesses, the historical society, and local hotels. You can also download and print your own copy from our GUIDEBOOK page.

      • Kat says:

        Please caution folks to remember that the houses on Park Avenue are private properties. You can look, although it’s a bit annoying to people trying to enjoy their front porch or lawn to be pointed at and have folks snapping pictures, but please do not trespass. Sitting in the owners lawn furniture to have your photo taken ( I have witnessed this happening and more) is not only rude, it’s illegal without the owners permission. I think that is called trespassing.

      • trouble says:

        Absolutely true! My goodness, it’s hard to believe that people would be so rude. Thanks for the reminder.

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