109 Park

The home at 109 Park is owned by David Miles, Co-Director of the Harsha House Museum.   It was built in 1880 for Levi Blanchard, at that time owner of the hardware store at the southwest corner of Bridge and Park.  The house was at one time the home and studio of renowned photographer Bob Miles, David’s father.  The elder Mr. Miles was in business from 1931 to 1972 and is the author of two books of photographs of early Charlevoix.  He took many of the classic photos of Charlevoix and was responsible for saving hundreds more from destruction.

The picture to the left shows the house shortly after it was built, without its stone porch.


A barn once stood at the end of the driveway at 109 Park; it was later converted to a house.  The barn is shown to the right.

David relates this story about his home:  Around 1920, it was owned by the Hammatt family.  The two Hammatt sisters attended Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania (or was it Ward-Belmont College in Nashville?), and once brought home a friend, Jean Faircloth.  Miss Faircloth stayed in the guest room on the second floor.  Years later, on a trip to Manila in 1935, Ms. Faircloth met General Douglas MacArthur.  In spite of their 18-year age difference, she married him in 1937.  They had one son, whom Mrs. MacArthur was reported to have followed to college, having taken a nearby room so that she could monitor her son’s study habits.


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