201 and 205 Park Ave

As we have seen, a number of the beautiful old houses from Park Avenue have been razed and replaced by condominiums.  Two additional examples are the buildings at 201 and 205 Park.

201 Park was the Bedford residence, purchased by Harrison Bedford, son of Thomas Bedford.  Before the home was built, Thomas Bedford is reported to have participated in the 1856 assassination of King James Jesse Strang, self-proclaimed King of the Mormons.  Some say the assassination took place on Beaver Island; others say it happened while Strang was seated in an outhouse on this property.


The building shown to the right is the Bartlett Hotel, once at 205 Park Avenue.  The Detroit Lions football team stayed here in 1942 when they came to Charlevoix for summer practice.  They went on to have the worst season in their history.


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