210 – 220 Park Avenue

At the corner of Park and Grant, with the boulder retaining wall, stands 220 Park Avenue. 

This picture shows 220, 218, and 216 Park Avenue (from right to left):

Below is 216 Park as it once looked:

And here are 210, 212, and 214 Park Avenue, from left to right:

210 Park Avenue is where the home of Willard A. Smith once stood.  He occupied it from 1869, shortly after he arrived in Charlevoix and began publishing the Charlevoix Sentinel, to his death in 1917.  Mr. Smith was influential and highly-regarded in spite of his political leanings (Republican) in this mostly-Democratic town.  Much of the material for this website was obtained from old issues of the Sentinel, which is available in the Charlevoix Public Library.  Exerpts from the newspaper are also available online.

The home at 212 Park Avenue was built by Captain D.S. Way in 1875. 

We have not researched these homes yet, but we will.  Stay tuned!


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