Prowl Map


Map by Tami F. from Infogroup



Start at Bridge and Park (1).

Walk west along the north side of Park.  Turn right at the stop sign at Grant, toward Michigan Beach and the Lighthouse (10).

Return to Park, and walk around the triangular block (15) to see the Earl Young houses.

When you reach Clinton Street, take a detour to the right to visit the Charlevoix Public Library (17).

Complete the tour of the Earl Young homes by walking north on Grant to Park Avenue.

Turn right on Park and continue to State Street.

Turn right on State, see the Congregational Church, and take a tour of the Harsha House Museum (23).

Return to Park Avenue and turn right, toward Round Lake.

The tour ends as you reach Pine River Books (30) and Bridge Street.

And look at all of the wonderful sites along the way.


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  1. […] buildings, also known as mushroom houses, are located in the triangle block of Park Avenue, Grant Street, and Clinton Street.  Young once told a write for the Ludington Daily News, “I always build the roof first, and then […]

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