Tower Hotel

This picture shows the Bartlett Hotel at 205 Park at the right; then the Tower Hotel building that faced Park; and finally the small city-owned house that stood below the water tower at 211 Park.


A private residence at 209 Park, later incorporated into the Tower Hotel complex, is shown in the picture at the right. 





The Oldham Club, an exclusive dining and gambling business with rented rooms, was established and built by ship captain Harry Oldham on the bluff behind 109 Park Avenue.  It later became part of the Tower Hotel as well.  The bridge over the driveway led to the bluff behind the Bartlett Hotel, where guests of the club and the hotel could sit and gaze at the channel and Lake Michigan.  To the left of the club is the Coast Guard signal flag tower, and to the far left is one of the girder legs of the water tower.

The Oldham Club building, after it was converted to the Tower Hotel, is shown at the right.  The Sandcastle Condominiums occupy the site today, built upon the hotel’s cement platform foundation.






This is a view of the Tower Hotel from the channel.  The support girders of the water tower are behind it.


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