The Guidebook – Now Available

The Park Avenue Prowl book is available for sale at two stops on the Prowl — Pine River Books, LLC at 104 Park Avenue and Harsha House Museum at 103 State Street.  It can also be purchased at any CCHPS event.  Just $9.43 plus sales tax, for a total of $10.  All proceeds help “preserve the past for the future.” 

Special bonus: Take a break and check out the new Undine Exhibit at the Harsha House Museum, a stop on the Prowl.  This year-long CCHPS exhibit tells the story of a 19th-Century Lake Charlevoix settlement.

Link to the CCHPS website HERE.


Prowl with Your Smart Phone

Lennie's house, burned for the film Frontier Boys and a parking lot in 2010

Yes, you can take the prowl with your smart phone! You’ll need to use the full site option to see all of the material.

For those with non-3G iPads, Nooks, and Kindles, a pdf version of the site will be available by April 30, 2011. Download it, and take the tour!

The picture?  Well, you will learn about this as you do the Prowl, but it’s here to entertain our iPad users!

Welcome to the Park Avenue Prowl

Welcome to Charlevoix, a town with a fascinating history.  Take the Park Avenue Prowl, and visit some of that history, as well as some of the town’s most interesting attractions.  We continue to research the history of Park Avenue.  Check back frequently to read the latest tales of Charlevoix, or subscribe to our website.

Finally, we are interested in what you think about all of this.  Please feel free to comment.  Click the “No comments” or “4 comments” or whatever it is, below.  That will open a comment form.

Please remember that some of the houses on the Park Avenue Prowl are private residences. Respect the privacy and property of the owners — no trespassing, please!

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